Goals relies on secondary market blockchain and web3

Although the makers of Goals had been committed to the announcement of their project. Combat. However, that with conventional means, however, the perfect football match as ‘Kurt’ recently defined its own desire — seems utopian in view of the well-limited financial resources.

GamePlay subtleties will barely strike from the competition, a paradigm shift in dealing with in-game content could act attractive. The developers believe in the Web3 concept, which provides for decentralization of the internet based on blockchains. In particular, this means: Goals will open for trading on a secondary market.

External trade is legalized

While in FIFA, for example, all FUT cards and cosmetics are centrally purchased and sold through the FUT transfer market and the trade results outside mostly in banners, Goals leaves his fans free hand. The upcoming offshoot wants to make its function as a free-to-play title with it all honor and financing through transaction fees for secondary sales.

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Through the use of blockchain and NFTs (non-fungible tokens), each in-game content should be completely owned by the player — and not the Goals maker. The developer wants to animate his community for direct player-to-player trading. At the same time, advanced knowledge of blockchain and background technology should not be a prerequisite for playing goals.

Remove friction in the gaming experience

We have the mission to get millions of players on board by expanding the blockchain on board. This demands us to remove any small remainder of friction in the gaming experience, emerges from the official blog entry. At the first login in Goals, each trailer should be equipped immediately with a tailor-made wallet for all content — then the developer then blends all access to private keys.

Goal seems to be the cryptocurrency under the football simulations — while FIFA is more likely to reflect the traditional banking system. A comparison that is certainly reflected in some places, but the self-image of the competitors reflects reasonably adequately. Whether the modern approach of Goals can convince the worldwide Football community remains of course waiting.

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