Wonder People Super People Weekend Steam Popular New Game 1st place

Wonder People (first) said 15th PC Online Battle Royal Games Super Pipe, the Global Game Services Platform, the Global Game Services Platform, ranked first in the past 12 days.

Wonder Puff proceeds with a variety of events in the sense of auditing on interest and responses to superficial global private testing.

First, a limited amount of parachute skins and limited coat skin coupons that can be used after the account level 10 and 20 will be used until the user who achieved the account level 10 and 20 will proceed until the restricted parachute skins and limited coat skin coupon. In addition, Daily attendance missions to receive one day by one of the event periods per day will be held up to 25 days.

In addition, the Super People’s Private Test Video Competition will proceed to January 4th. The user can accept a special play image of the only person who has taken a private test period on the event page. The selected work is given a predetermined gift.

Super People Gameplay and Impressions... ( New PUBG?! )
Wonder People Park Surgeon Director said, Only the new popular game at the steam in the 5th day of the private test progress, the game on the new most popular game, the most enjoyable game is an unusual phenomenon, says, I said the word of the word, and I will do my best until the end of a private test by the game and operations that are appreciated.