25 Games Cover, who are absolutely gruesome

Also in video games: The first impression counts! Especially in the video game business of your trust must therefore impress especially the cover. However, the following 25 examples from the 2000s prove that some games have failed on a spectacular manner.

25 Graying Game Cover 2000s

In the times of gameplay trailers on YouTube and detailed descriptions on Steam, the Games Cover continues to enter the background. A few years ago, however, in many cases this was a picture on a box that has decided if you buy a game or not.

Even good games like Amnesia The Dark Descent, however, have clearly attacked here. Other games maybe wanted to trigger with their 3D creations nightmares at their nonetheless customers. In any case, the 2000s have produced some terrible games cover, which of course we do not want to pretend you.

Top 5 Games Illegal To Play

We show you 25 Games Cover of the 2000s, are incredibly bad. With these artists mistaken, it is actually a wonder that you have no screaming customers or crying children.