Moving Out goes to the Epic Games Store

The season of donations continues on the Epic Games shop because today they announced their last free game. This is true, the last add to the growing collection of free games on Epic Games Store is moving.

Moving Out is a cute puzzle game on, as its name suggests, moving. The players will play as a Fart member (Furniture Arrangement Relocation Technician) and will help move furniture outside the houses. In addition, it is reminded of the players that nothing must hinder their mission moving, including windows, walls and other characters.

Moving Out is FREE | Epic Games Store
An ad trailer of Gameplay PS4, with a voice over, really highlights the Moving Out Gameplay.

In addition to its cute graphics and its mechanics just as cute, the game is relaxed and chaotic. For players who love games like overcooked or human Fall Flat, this game is quite indicated. It’s a physics-based bargain, rag doll, throwing on a sofa. As long as what needs to be moved, you will succeed your mission as a fart agent. The game is also cooperative and claims that it brings a whole new sense to Cooperative Couch.

Moving out will be available on the Epic Games shop until December 29th. It is included in the EPIC Games’ event 15 days of free games. In addition, more and more games become available over the week, so do not forget to keep your eyes open for more free games on Epic Games Store. Are you eager to try Moving Out? Haven’t you always wanted to throw a sofa through a wall?

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