Epic Games Store reveals the last free Christmas game

2022 We are approaching quickly, but until it is officially, Epic Games Store will continue to give new free games every day. Once again this morning, the last free title that Epic is delivering users made their debut in the popular PC market. And although yesterday’s offer was a more casual game, today’s launch is intended for unconditional players.

From this moment, Sal and sanctuary is the newer free game that can be downloaded through Epic Games Store. Developed by Ska Studios, the title adapts the popular Solstice subgenre and takes it to a 2D environment. The result is another difficult action title in which players will have to use their skills to overcome several enemies, bosses and other dangers. The big thing about Sal and sanctuary The release of today at Epic Games Store is that this is also the first time that the game reaches the PC EPIC launcher.

«Explore a disturbing and punishing island in this stylized RPG of action in 2D. Salt and Sanctuary combines a fast and brutal 2D combat with a highly developed RPG mechanics in a damn disorganized by forgotten cities, cars soaked with blood and desecrated monuments, says a description on the official page of the EPIC store. «Salt and Sanctuary perfectly combines fast, brutal and complex 2D fighting combats with highly developed RPG mechanics. Discover, create and improve more than 600 weapons, pieces of armor, spells and objects while exploring a damn disorganized by forgotten cities, soaked with blood. Mammogram, desecrated monuments and the fallen lords that once celebrated.

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As usual, if you are looking to download Sal and sanctuary for you, the game will remain free at Epic Games Store until December 30 at 11:00 am EDT. After that time, the title will be sold retail for $17.99.

How do you feel about Sal and sanctuary Is the last free release at Epic Games Store? And what titles do you expect them to reach the platform at no cost before EPIC completes this promotion? Notice me in the comments or send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.