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Salt and Sanctuary is a 2D activity role-playing computer game established as well as published by Ska Studios. The game was released on March 15, 2016, for the PlayStation 4, with later launches for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One and also Nintendo Switch Over. It is heavily influenced by the Hearts’ series by Japanese developer FromSoftware. The game received positive function from critics, that applauded its graphical style and gameplay. A sequel, Salt and also Sacrifice, is in growth.

Just like the current year, the big Christmas action in the Epic Games Store is slowly but certainly towards your end. However, you still have the opportunity to secure you two free games. The last change is done as usual in the afternoon at 17:00 German time.

The current free game in the Epic Games Store

To date at 16:59, the hard messenger among you are fully at your expense. Currently, you can download the action role-playing game Salt and Sanctuary from the developer team ska studios. Originally the in the 2-D graphic staged Mix from Dark Souls, Castlemaine and Metro id in May 2016 on the market, he has already five years on the hump. Nevertheless, he is definitely worth a closer look.

Tomorrow Game SALT AND SANCTUARY Free In Epic Games Store 100%
The focus of Salt and Sanctuary is on as fast as brutal struggles, which also practiced players face some tricky challenges. There are also some role-playing elements. In order to be able to set you against the numerous enemies neatly to the fight, you have more than 600 weapons, armor and other helpful objects available. The magic in the form of spells also plays a certain role.

final spurt at the Christmas action in the Epic Games Store

By the way, Salt and Sanctuary is not the last free game that you can download in the large-scale action. This is still running until December 30, 2021, so to this Thursday. Accordingly, there is a change with another free full version for the PC at 17:00 of German.

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