Arsenal-ManCity 1: 2

Terran Torres García (birthed February 29, 2000, in Foils) is a Spanish footballer. The wing player has actually been an agreement considering that January 2022 at the FC Barcelona as well as is Spanish international.

Since the 0: 5 at Manchester City on the 3rd match day, a lot has happened to the FC Arsenal. How much, the Gunners on New Year’s Day against the Master and leader, even without their head coach Mike Art eta (Covid-19) showed a long way on an impressive way — and yet at the end of Man city celebrated the eleventh league in a row.

Probably not all the spectators were really awake than just after 12.30 local time the Premier League year 2022 was kicked off. The Arsenal professionals, however, were definitely: In the first round, they showed a disciplined and domestic appearance with strong dual bunks in midfield, rapid switching marks and cheeky degrees.

João Cancel starts after robbery — and has problems with Farinelli

Gabriel Jesus (5.) and Ruben Slides (14.), who headed each time, were the first significant opportunities, after and after the Gunners started the top game — all independent of the possession of the possession (33:67 in the first half) — To dominate. When AKA against the passive man city defensive after preliminary work by Tierney at the bottom right met (31.), that was not surprising.

While Thomas plunged in the midfield center of Barnstorm, the Agile Gabriel Farinelli, especially the Guardiola eleven problems — especially opponents João Cancel, who had been injured in a robbery on his house two days ago. Arsenals wing storm failed on Emerson (16th), swelled over (39.) and shot past (43.).

Stressed penalty, hair-raising misty shot, unnecessary space reference

A contentious scene but brought the master back into play after the side change. Bernardo Silva curved in the box of Dhaka and used contact with its leg and its light trikatosis to fall theatrically. Referee Stuart Cantwell showed according to VAR intervention to the horror of Dhaka & Co. to the point, and Mare lost Rams dale Cool to 1: 1 (57.).

It was the prelude to Wilder Minutes: Only AKE prevented an own goal of Lahore, who had accidentally overhead of Lahore, who had accidentally overhead goalkeeper Emerson, whereupon Gabriel Farinelli on the slatted edge instead of the orphaned Tor Bosch (58.). Then Arsenal-Defender Gabriel saw Yellow-Red, because he kept Gabriel Jesus in the midfar unfair (59.) — and before Mare ‘had worked the penalty point.

And suddenly Rodrigo beats

Arsenal v. Manchester City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 1/1/2022 | NBC Sports

Suddenly, Sanity was not only in the game again, but also to overnight. With Gunboat for Gabriel Jesus — while Art eta representatives Albert Steinberg Regard sacrificed — the leader tried to raise his usual passport offensive play. But Arsenal’s defensive did not even allow a great opportunity to the injection time.

Then de Bruyne flanked from the right half of the law, Lahore poked the ball somehow to Rodrigo, and the shot of short distance still to 2: 1 for City (90. + 3). The defensive man tore the jersey of the body in the knowledge of a winner, which may have been the decisive on the way to the title defense in a few months.

While Mancini runs relentlessly, Arsenal lost five mandatory victories (at 19: 2 goals) and seven home windings and feels the pursuers in the neck. The new year begins for the Gunners with a lot of frustration — after actually shouting performance.

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