PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus could finally merge

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Sony, you can finally merge PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus in a larger subscription service. Last year, reports and rumors from credible and dubious sources began to arise that PlayStation was working on a new subscription service that would significantly combine the offers of PS Plus and PS Now. That said, several months have passed since the last of these reports, but today we finally have a new update that suggests not only that all these rumors were accurate, but the launch of this new subscription service is imminent.

On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in the United Kingdom, retailers have been informed that stop selling PlayStation NOW subscription cards at the end of the month. Now, this could indicate that a PlayStation NOW price change is imminent, but given the aforementioned rumors, it seems more likely to be preparing for Spartacus, the name in the subscription service.

As for what Spartacus will be, it apparently is an answer to Xbox Game Pass, but it is not exactly Xbox Game Pass either. According to the previous reports and those mentioned above, it will allow PlayStation users to pay a monthly fee to access a large game library in several generations of PlayStation consoles.

At the time of publication, Sony, who never addressed the initial reports, has not commented on this new report on the PlayStation Now cards that withdrew from the shelves in the United Kingdom and the speculation he has created. If this changes, we will make sure to update the story accordingly.

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