Look at a Speedrunner blindfolded beaten Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in 2 hours

Each Speed running event that Games Done Quick organizes with beneficial purposes has its own special moments, but at all the years that Awesome Games Done Quick has been happening, few feels so absolutely wild like the Speed run blindfolded from Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 online. Senior: The shadows die twice by Mitchell. The event itself concluded and raised more than $3.4 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, so any opportunity to see the live race has gone, but the archived version seems to be something that will continue to go around for a long time.

In total, the sprinter Mitchell took little more than two hours to complete the whole video game with blindfold. Taking into account that I do not know if he could ever overcome senior: the shadows die twice in almost that amount of time, even with the benefit of my sight, it is frankly disconcerting even contemplating it. According to people who convey the event, it is memorization. The designs, the audio signals and everything else essentially must be memorized to function correctly.

But you do not have to believe only in my word. You can see the Speedup blindfolded from Mitchell de senior: The shadows die twice for you below:

As previously pointed out, the online Speed run of Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 with blindfolds from senior: The shadows die twice succeeded last week. The event itself concluded last weekend. In total, Games Done Quick events have raised more than $34 million for charity, and this year the event raised specifically $3,416,729. This raises the total amount collected by Games Done Quick events over the years to more than $37 million. The next Game Done Quick event will be Frost fatal from February 27 to March 5. You can check all our previous Games Done Quick coverage, the organization that organizes these speed racing events, right here.

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