Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass explained: How to invite and play with friends for free

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Ubisoft’s last Rainbow Six game should be familiar to Siege fans as a popular game mode for a few years. Now it has expanded and released as an independent experience in which the players fight in different places to defend themselves from the mysterious arches. Even so, it will not be for everyone, so, naturally, some will want to try before buying. Fortunately, if you bought the game and want to attract your friends to play with you, there is a special test available to give them that opportunity. Here is all you need to know about the Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass, which includes how to invite friends and play with them free.

Extraction of Rainbow Six Buddy Pass explained

Update 01/19/22: Ubisoft has announced that the Buddy Pass system will remain until shortly after the launch to ensure that everything works as expected. We will update this publication as you implement the function correctly.

An update of the Rainbow Six extraction equipment. pic.twitter.com/pa7rou2dhn.

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Add friends at Rainbow Six Extraction should be a family process for anyone who has played Siege. Simply open the Friends menu in the game and look for the Ubisoft account names of your friends. It does not matter which platform they are; Just be sure to enter your details carefully, and it should work well.


How to invite and play with friends with Buddy Pass in Rainbow Six Extraction

For those who wish to add Ubisoft’s accounts of friends to give them a friend pass, free 14-day trial, follow these steps:

  • Open squad menu

  • Choose your list of friends and invite a friend to join your team

  • Select the name of the friend who invited

  • Choose To send Token from Buddy Pass

That’s all you need to know about Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass, which includes how to invite friends and play with them free. To get more tips, tricks and guides, go to our Wiki, search Megatrends or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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