Manchester United defeats Brentford 3: 1

After 2: 2 Against Aston Villa, Manchester United’s Coach Ralf Rang nick was able to rely on Cristiano Ronaldo, who also started McTominay. For this, Magic took place on the bank and Havana was not in the squad.

de GEA saves several times

Despite the return of CR7, the Red Devils against promoted Brent ford in the first half were heavy, for a sense of achievement spoke little at the beginning. Only Lanka caused danger in the penalty area of ​​the Bees (9th). Instead of being dangerous for himself, the English record champion was required above all in the defensive. The dimensional Keeper de Gea proved to be a strong retention: against Jensen (13th and 32nd) the Spaniard saved twice by foot.

The antique team had a total of more possession, but was awarded a different time and had example meadow in minute 14 repeated luck. Alex Ellen saved as a coronation before the line randomly against Beach Sorenson.

Man united in half two efficient — owner

Everything but luck man united then needed in the second half. The Red Devils got the action better under control and went to a slatted goal of CR7 (47th) in the lead: The 19-year-old Lanka put on the ball himself strongly and headed the 1: 0 (55.). Instead of being dangerously credentials, the guests increased a little later after a tempo shot — Greenwood (20) had to only insertion after introduction of CR7 and cross pass of Bruno Fernandes (62.).

Brent ford hardly found in the offensive at the latest from this time. Man united, on the other hand, remained closed and marked by Rashford (77.) after the Beautiful Baller’s conquest of McTominay even the 3: 0. For the final stage, however, Money, who dusted in minute 85 in the head goal.

For further in seven ranking Red Devils, the important league game against the fourth West Ham is next (Saturday, 4 pm). Brent ford, who lost five of the last six games, receives the Wolverhampton Wanderers at the same time.