Hi-REZ boasts a new player service system

Hi-res has prepared a special announcement in which it informs you to implement a new customer service system (Customer Support), or a rather player. The team reportedly for the last few months made sure that the support system offered to the community is as effective and efficient as possible.

On January 19, all current and future applications will be handled using a completely new system — this applies to both Paladins and SMITE or Rogue Company. This will allow Hi-res to better sort and organize incoming applications and for faster consideration.

The application form on the website https://www.hirezstudios.com/support will also be renovated so that you can categorize your problems better — what will allow the support team to deal with them more effectively. More complex issues, such as ROD conclusions, will also be able to report directly through this new form.

In connection with the transfers to a new system, some delays may occur during the implementation of newly created applications. How, in turn, this will affect us? Hi-res should simply respond to all remarks or notification. And as I recently play in Paladins and I came across a few burdensome mistakes, I will be happy to check how a new system works.