Do you remember the receipt? His spiritual successor starts today with closed beta

It’s about overprice, about which we have already written a few times:

Overprice – Fantasia attempt to use assets from a closed Mob receipt from Epic Games to create your own production. The project was purchased by Notable, which under its own wings decided to issue this title, supporting the team and providing its financial stabilization.

Overprice work has on Unreal Engine 4 on a PC and basically will not differ so much from the receipt. The creators want to turn up a bit of dynamics to fight much faster. The assumptions of the MOB game from Third-Person Shooter (TPS) will remain the same. Battles will be dedicated for two five-person teams competing for strategic points, as well as pushing the front line closer to the enemy base.

And this title starts in a few hours with a global beta. Servers will open at 2:00 at night of Polish time and will remain available for another dozen hours.

You can get CBT inputs at this address ( Ask for access ).

Good luck!