Epic Games Store: New Free Game Today for download

Today you can unpack the next gaming gift in the Epic Games Store: The download platform has also prepared a free game for this week. This time you draw the full version of Relic ta for free in your play library. The activation takes place at the usual time: From 5 pm you have the opportunity to link the physics puzzler for free with your profile. Did you do that until January 27, you can keep Relic ta permanently and play as often as you like?

Successful physics puzzle game


In our test to Relic ta you can still read more in front of the activation of everything worth knowing about the new free game in the Epic Games Store. The puzzle game offers innovative physics puzzles, an authentic story and an active gaming experience including satisfactory challenges. Dot deduction is available for a monotonous research station and an optimally implemented removal station. Overall, however, a very successful physics puzzle game is waiting for you. Further impressions you will receive in the following video.

Galactic Civilizations 3 for a short time free

Until the activation at 5 pm you still have the opportunity to grab the full version of Galactic Civilizations 3. The 4x strategy has been available in the Epic Games Store for free since Last Thursday. Users thus receive the second chance to secure the space strategy: the title was given to users in January 2021. Which free game is followed in the coming week, we will learn the Launch of Relic ta this afternoon.