Com2us Global Lapse Game New Fishings Shin: Crew, C2x Block Condition

Global Popular Re-Ports Games’ The new way of fishing is joined to C2X ecosystems.

Comes (Representative Song Jae-won, Lee) announced on the 21st that it is based on the new fishing god IP-based new fishing bio-based new fishing god: Crew on the game platform C2X (tentative).

‘Fishing’ god ‘is a game that can experience a hand-like hand with real fishing with a simple operation, and the world’s cumulative downloads are downloaded from 60 million or more, and the number of sports games in 32 countries and the Apple App Store Recorded.

Comes is a strategy of providing a game experience in the C2X ecosystem, through the ‘fishing gods: Crew’, which combines the blockchain technology in a powerful IP power.

‘Fishing’s God: Crew ‘is characterized by introducing the concept of’ Crew ‘, which is a support character that increases the ability of the player to the original IP. Users can collect and grow crews and items within the game, and to enjoy the P2E cycle to capture the upper contents and acquire more goods and coins. It is also possible to use a neglect compensation system that is accumulated during a period of automatic fishing function and not to play.

Comes is expected to have a blockchain that divides the user and achievements based on the ‘fishing’ IP, which forms large popular and fandoms in the world, and it is expected to cause another echo in the global P2E market.

Meanwhile, the Come group is building a game platform ‘C2X’, a self-blocked blockchain for global P2E market. ‘Summer Noun: Chronicle’, ‘Colossus M King’, ‘DK Mobile’, and MMORPG, such as ‘Golf Star’, ‘Games Bill Pro Baseball’, Games Bill Pro Baseball, The lineup is expanding.