Unusual pause is just right to BVB – Haaland

This unusual football break will also do the Nimmersatten Erlang Haaland. Although the top storm of Borussia Dortmund hurries in the Bundesliga of record to record, revealed at the Happy 3: 2 victory at the TSG 1899 Cofferdam but also physical problems.

First, it moved in the knee, then the adductors were tweaked: If the internationally trained 21-year-old voluntarily leaves the lawn and disappears directly in the cabin, the Haaland’s huge ambition wants something. And Dortmund and Marco Rose also enjoys the extra time, which now follows the momentum cup.

The break actually does not seem so uncomfortable. Erlang is struck, Many (Kanji). This means to be able to treat a few guys, but actually also to have training time. It will be an intensive time we use, too, said Chef coach Rose, who described the goalkeeping of Sondheim a few times as a flattering victory. In contrast to the 1: 2 at FC St. Pauli in the failed cup title defense, this time the result was true. The BVB strengthened his second Bundesliga place and remains spotless in the Bundesliga year 2022.

Even though no Bundesliga is played next week, continuous wine Haaland will remain the top theme. What does the knee do, how are the adductors? Threatens a longer break or can the Norwegian on 6 February against Bayer Leverkusen continue to work on his fantastic balance of 16 goals in 14 league games? A diagnosis remained initially.

We have to examine that. Since I can not say anything yet, Rose said. 1: 0 scorer Haaland cheered on Twitter a hard fight to the end – possibly an indication that the premature replacement was rather a precaution. His total 56th Bundesliga goal again brought him two records: he managed this as the youngest professional and as a player with the fewest missions.

Also, for Haaland’s future, which is scheduled by June 2024 at BVB, it will continue to go. In summer, the budding superstar can change for 75 million euros. Most recently, Haaland had said in an interview, Dortmund had begun to push him to a decision. This relativized Hans-Joachim Wake now. We clarified that clearly, there is no ultimatum to him. There is no compensation between us, Wake said at Sky. The club boss announced: At some point we will talk to each other.

If there is a national title until the summer, only the Bundesliga remains after the cup disappointment. At least in terms of the results, the league start of the year was promising, but Dortmund continues to fight with a lack of constancy. Tell me how many teams are constantly delivering on track? There is a team and that has been constant for many years, said Defender Manuel Kanji. We have many games where we play well, and then we play afterwards in which we do not play so well, the Swiss added. FC Bayern is already a bit left again this season.

Zeus: A victory of the effectiveness

The 3: 2, which came about through gates of Haaland and Captain Marco Reus as well as an own goal of Cofferdam’s David area, was at least an important signal. Of course it was a victory of the effectiveness. We are glad that we won a difficult game here, Zeus said.

Before the forces of spring with Bundesliga and Europa League, the break should also help the BVB because many service providers do not have to go to the national team. Haaland, Kanji and Co. have time to physically stabilize and continue the hunt for serial winner Bavaria in February.