Irrome catching up: Sweden is leaving the semifinals Norway

In Scandinavia duel between Sweden and Norway, practically only one victory was one for both teams to follow the Spaniards qualified for the deadline for the half-finals. The Sweden were pleased about the return of defensive specialist Max Dark (Burnisher HC, from summer with the foxes), which should hold the store together.

But after a balanced initial phase, three players at the Norwegians were particularly in the roles: At the front were with Sander Sago sen (3 goals / 4 experiments) and Harald Ranking (5/5) two stars of the THW Kiel were placed well. At the back Nanette Leipzig Keeper Kristian Several his box, for a break he had already piled seven parades at a fishing rate of just under 44 percent.

BARTHOLDI Unusual error-prone

The 14: 9 half-time guidance of the Norwegian was with this trio, but also the extremely pale Swedish attack for playmaker Jim Gotfridsson from the SG Flensburg-Handewitt to explain. Not a single Swede had brought it to more than two goals in the first section.

After the sideways, Norway, more and more mistaken fault, exemplary for this were the many mischief from the in the tournament previously extremely secure left outside Sebastian Bartholdi. At this stage, Sago sen & Co. were lucky that replacement keeper Torsion Berger had to take away three seven-meters of the in the Bundesliga as safe in the Bundesliga so safe campus tub (2) and Nicolas Berg (1).

With a break in the final quarter-hour, the projection of the Norwegian was melted together on a goal (18:17). Peter Johannes son, Swedish keeper of Cup winner TBV Lego Lipped, arrived after a substitution six of the eleven throws on his goal – with an outstanding fishing rate of 55 percent.

China has the nerves

But the Norwegians, which also had a draw for the semi-finals, began to be so slow again. At 22:18, everything spoke for the bronze medalist of the European Championship 2020. Sweden did not get up and did not occur in the 58th minute to compensate (23:23). And it came even thicker: The Walter China for the EM post-nominated Walter China from the Kuchens Berlin turned a seven meter to 24:23 – his sixth goal in the sixth attempt.

Norway got a single attack, but Sago sen passed the last litter of the game right on the door. Instead of walking one, only the unloved third place remained. The Norwegians therefore deny only the game around Friday (15.30 clock).

The reigning Vice World Champion from Sweden hits second of the main round group II in his semi-final on Friday (18 o’clock, live! At Norway) on the winner of the main round group I (before the last match day Denmark).

Sweden – Norway 24:23 (9:14)

Sweden: Johannes son, Thin – China 6/2, Godfridsson 4, Bengal 3, Tub 3/1, Cardboard 2, Dark 2, Lagergren 2, Randell 2
Norway: SEVERAL 1, Berger – Ranking 6, Gulled 4, O’Sullivan 4, Sago sen 4, Bartholdi 2/1, Sols tad 1, Överjorddet 1
Referee: Mads Hansen (Denmark) / Jesper Madsen (Denmark)
Spectators: 1448
Criminals : 6/8
Disqualification: \ – / –