Net Games MMORPG New Hit 2, released all over

‘Hit 2’ in 2022 of Net Games was first revealed the image with the image.

Nixon first released a representative image of the game concept of the new MMORPG hit 2 (HIT2), which is developed by the subsidiary Net Games, on the 26th.

Hit 2 is being developed in the OH Studio, which is developed by Net Games, is a mobile / PC multi-platform game that is a background after the previous hit. The key workforce that produced ‘Hit’ and ‘overfits’ was aimed at developing a large way to continue the RPG Success myth of Net Games.

Hit 2 provides a stylish action that utilizes a unique attractive character that is a unique attractive character. Players can enjoy large-scale combat in the process of competing and occupying the castle under the stagnation that grows to be king.

In the second species of the concept image of this time, it is possible to appreciate the appearance of the ‘trial’ field facing the center of the siege, the center of the siege, the center of the siege, the center of the siege, which is a mighty part and a mutual power.


Park Jong-il PD, who oversees Hit 2 developed, Hits 2 will give a high privilege to the game, and give them a different level of fun to the previous and other dimensions, he said, he said. I am concentrating on the development capabilities for the completeness of the development.

Nixon will open the main game content and service information by the aim of achieving a hit 2 formal release in 2022. In the second quarter, the pre-registration event is started.

Meanwhile, the mobile game hit from the 2016 Net Games has recorded 2,5 million downloads, and awarded the target from the Korean game target.