Feeling Nostalgic Viewpoint Action RPG “TERRA VENTURA” Early Access Start

Developer Logical Progression Games has launched early access for the Retro atmosphere drifting viewpoint action RPG new work “ TERRA VENTURA “.

The Slormancer | Early-Access Hack and Slash Action RPG

In this work in the Middle Ages, we feature real-time battle, skill tree path, player training, character customization, limited semi-random booty. The main features are as follows.

  • Select from “Archer”, “MUSKETEER”, “Explorer”, “Fighter”, and four specific characteristics and capabilities.

  • Randomly, such as gold coins, silver coins, armor and weapons, and weapons are randomly obtained on the map. Visit alchemist, blacksmith, merchant, tailored and purchase additional items, or exchange equipment and repair.

  • Grow the character through Skill Tree, collect the rune and get a powerful bonus to improve the basic skills. Investment in explosives, attacks, health, alchemy, material, or any path.

  • The world of medieval fantasy encounters various scenes such as city, underground caves, lava lake, toxic rough land and desert sand dunes. A challenge 30 types of enemies with different abilities and strengths by making full use of combat and skilled skills.

“Terra Ventura” who feels nostalgic is in the normal price of 1,199 yen for Windows / Linux (959 yen of 20% off until February 3). Early access periods are planned for 3 to 6 months, and to add more content and optimized functions based on feedback from players.