Basic play Free Physical Operation Game “TechBlox” Latest Trailer that can be made from race car to shopping cart!

Basic Play Free Game “Robocraft” developer Freejam has released the latest trailer of competitive physical operation builder “ TechBlox ” that is currently developing.

This work combines various shapes and function blocks to create a vehicle that moves moving in physical operation. The trailer appeals a high degree of freedom to make from race car to spider bot, monster truck, jet fighter, tank, shopping cart. Recently added online multiplayer scenes are also included.

Many match modes are scheduled to be equipped with races that can be played with these cars, Battle Arena, Deathmatch, Team Death Match, King of the Hill, Battle Bot, Multi-party-based machine match, football, obstacles courses, etc. Is. The official dedicated server and powerful server-side physical operations allow interactions between players to perform more accurately than any other online multiplayer physical operation game.

“TechBlox”, which is also conveyed to support more than 40 players in one game mode, can be downloaded from the official site for basic play free.