Fortnite: New automatic gun is stronger than regular MPS – what is the difference?

Informnite was published on the night of 8 February the automatic gun. This brand-new capturing iron can not just shine generally, but even exceeds its older brother: the machine gun. What makes them far better and whether it is beneficial to put right into the Loadout you will figure out below.

What can the automatic gun? The new automatic gun resembles the look of a regular UZI. The brand-new MP ratings lots of spheres with an above-average splendid magazine and that in a few seconds. With a vacant magazine no one needs to roll long, as reloading is quickly.

But what does the automatic gun now make better than your precursor and also can likewise maintain the brand-new shooting iron with the sting MP from Phase 3?

Automatic gun or maker gun?

Each weapon has a recoil and with MPS this is all the size of the quick fire price. If you consider the automatic gun, this rarely has no recoil, also in constant fire.

If one compares the worths one recognizes that the Uzi earns less injury than the precursor models, but it ratings at the rate of reloading as well as the magazine screed and also can compile with them. The Uzi is the clear champion among the MPS if one likewise expects the non-existent recoil.

Where can I discover the weapon? The new MP can be discovered everywhere by boxes, storage supplies, sharks and even on the ground. Maintain your eyes open since you are not overlooked.

In contrast: To provide you a few weapons values, we have given some data from the Fortnite Wiki. These are listed according to rarities and therefore vary at the worths of the specific designs.

What is the distinction? Both tools have superior values what prepared loader price, fire rate and the damage. The brand-new model goes beyond the old MPS with a crucial facet and also that is precision.

Because of the fairly huge variety that possesses the new model, you can conveniently send out challengers to a secure distance. That’s why this tool is currently the very best of its kind.

What do you claim about the new weapon? Or would certainly you like to assume of the old versions once more in combat, as they count for you to the best?


Informnite was published on the night of 8 February the automatic gun. What can the automatic gun? The brand-new automatic gun looks like the appearance of a normal UZI. Both weapons have superior worths what eager loader rate, fire price as well as the damages. ** The brand-new MP can be found all over by boxes, storage supplies, sharks or even on the ground.