Epic Games Store, US $ 174 million, MAU 6,200 million records

Source: Epic Games]

Korea subsidiary of Epic Games Epic Games Korea announced on the 28th the infographic shows the 2021 performance of Epic Games Store.

According to the infographic all users of Epic Games Store has 100 million people by 9400, only 34 million higher than one one hundred million people to 60 million people in 2020. Month monthly number of active users (Monthly Active Users, MAU) is the most inde were many ten thousand people in December 6200 that the 2020 peak MAU was 11% higher compared to 5600 million.

Game purchase price of the users has also increased. 2020 year Epic Games Store, which consumes 700 million US dollars (about one hundred million won 8350 dollars) last year, while users were using 800 million to 4,000 million dollars (Hanwha approximately 1,002,300,000,000) increased by 20% in the game to buy. The number of titles sold in stores has increased almost doubled in December 2021, more than 917 pieces as of 2020.

The game came in the store in the 2021 free was a total of 89 species. If the terms of the amount was provided to 2,120 US dollars worth of games (about 2.53 million won, Hanwha). The total number of times users have downloaded the free game was later only 700 million 6,500 times. 89 kinds of 76 kinds of games was renewed after the maximum number of concurrent users on a PC the public free of charge from Epic Games Store, these figures were an average of 13 times higher than the previous record of each game.

It was added, and also continued to improve convenience features for users last year. Gotta have ‘shopping cart’ to add new features was able to buy the game at a time, up to a maximum of 50. In addition, dwaeteumyeo gotta have ‘epic achievement “feature launched achievement profile page has been added, it supports the accomplishments features 25 titles to date. In addition, various functions such as navigation and social features Panel Features Wish List was updated.

This year Epic Games Store plans to introduce a “self-publishing tool, which can be published directly to the game developers and publishers formal. Epic Games has conducted a successful test of August last year, the self-publishing tool, it was also released hundreds of new titles through the store. Developers and publishers are expected to be able to be more smooth and efficient launch the game through the self-publishing tool featuring the full version of this year.

Not only that, but Hannah is going to improve various functions of the library and game downloads for your store and will continue to enhance the player profile, and also continued the development of social features, such as voice chat platform within. In addition, the policy also continue to add and improve, improve speed and performance of the launcher of community features, this year is also a free game every week.

On the other hand, Epic Games store goes three days of New Year events right up to the Lunar New Year on February 10. In: such as from the blockbuster games off the 1,300 games and add-ons, such as ranging from indie Price , you can meet.

When the New Year period of three days or three days post Subscribe to the latest free games, including email that you’ll receive the latest information on the Epic Games Store / Event Notification Program proceeds also to receive 11,000 won Epic vouchers. Epic vouchers will be provided to all new and existing subscribers, and only once can not be unlimited creation.

Week of free games are available for free until 3 February gotta come a Selection. Mechanic action game players in the will be the new humanity Outer appeared after the collapse of the disastrous month to fight for the survival of humanity in the forefront against the AI ​​forces to rebel against the immortal creator of humans.

new epic games launcher update achievements menu! /nueva actualizacion del epic games launcher!

Epic Games Korea Investment Opportunity Representative “conveys the words of the many people who deeply appreciate given to members able to grow remarkable Epic Games Store remarkable last year.” Said, “so that there can be a developer who easily launch the game this year ‘ plans to launch a self-publishing tools, services and a variety of features added and enhancements for users who, etc., what more plans to try my best to be the Epic Games Store, for both users and developers We many members favor in 2022, events prepared three days mark the New Year and this week’s free game Taps asked to download a lot of attention to, “he said.

For more information on Epic Games’ store in 2021 and Infographics and New Year’s Day three days event, free games can be found at Epic Games Store website.