For a short time for free: Epic Games gives you a pretty survival

If you are looking for free PC games, we recommend you to regularly stop by the Epic Games Store. This week fans of survival games are fully at their expense. Build a new life.

The Epic Games Store lures PC players with different advantages in the shop. In addition to exclusive games and great sales, visitors can also look forward to at least a new free game ** every week. Reinhoe is worthwhile, because now and then are real blockbusters or exciting insider tips. And best of charge: once downloaded, you can keep the games forever!

The current free game


Windbound is a pretty survival RPG. After a ship break, you have to explore an unknown island, adapt and survive.

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In this game, she slips into the role of the Warrior Kara. On the high lake she got into a heavy storm and was separated from her strain. Explore the Forbidden Islands, Find Food, Build Tools and solves the secret behind the ruins – maybe you will find more than just your way home.

You can do this game until 17. February 2022 at 17:00 for free.

__Windbound at Epic Games

The upcoming free game

Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

In this adventure game, you accompany two brothers on an epic fairy tale travel.

In Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, you at the same time slips into the role of both brothers and thus experienced a co-op game in single player mode. Solves puzzles, exploring varied scenes and puts you against dangerous bosses.

You can secure this game from the 17th of February at 5pm for free.

__Brothers at Epic Games

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