I have come to have a chain discount

The holidays have come forward. If you combine the weekend, you will continue to be a holiday between 5 days, and you are not a few people to stay at home to prevent proliferation of Corona. If a gamer, I enjoy driving a game that I wanted to do in a unrealistic long holiday, and it’s just a good time. In addition, if the holidays are beginning at the end of January, the end of the month, the waters, the waters are somewhat margin.

The unlocked trails did not miss this time. Steam, Epic Games Store, etc. The PC Game Platform, as well as the “New Year discount sales” in the Console Official Online Store, such as Playstations, Xbox and Nintendo Switches. It can be a good choice to look for a game that will enjoy a pleasure to sell the holidays and a pleasant game to explore the holidays, and look around the store with a plenty of games that match the holidays. In addition, most of the overlaps between the store is overlapping, it is time to visit the preferred and held models in most cases.

Steam (from January 28 to February 4)

The valve did not just go to the New Year holidays even though the steam year-end was held until early January. The game that is distributed by steam is less than the price of thousands of species, and it is not less than 50% of the discounts applied to more than 50%. Calling a major title with a discount rate of 50% or more, 67% discounted Dark etan, 60% lower disco Elihium, 50% discounted Persona 5 scrambling more phantom straces. In addition, the planet coaster is 80%, the ducks and the witchben, 67%, 90%, Naruto Toburoto Noroborovo is 90%, Middle Earth: Sado Overwater is 85% discount.

In particular, steam is a key to the game by genre, and a series of discounts on sale. This time, categories are presented for each major theme, including puzzles, actions, visual Nobel, Simulation, Daejeon Fight, Adventure, RPG, etc. In addition, a discounted item is tied up by a series such as FIFA, Civilization, Elder Scroll, Biohazard, and Dark Soldier.

Epic Games Store (from January 28 to February 10)

In the Epic Games Store, we will sell 1,300 different kinds of games to the price of 1,300. 50% discounted GTA 5, Cyber ​​Punk 2077 is 50%, 42% Battlefield 2042, 50%, Horizon Zero Duni 50%, 75% of Borderland 3, 65% Death Stranding, 62%, Sakuna Hime is 40% discount.

In addition, the Epic Games Store is regularly distributing a free game, but it does not take a break on the holidays. From January 28 to February 4, the Mecanic Action of the Armor Core Crew, Gives Daemon X Makina. In addition, if you subscribe to Epic Games Store emails or notification programs during the New Year’s Day Sale period, you can get the voucher that can be used to purchase the game. If you purchase more than 1,5,000 won, you can use the gift certificate, and the amount of gift certificates is 1.1,000 won. If you use the gift certificate, you can buy 20,000 won game in W9,000. Gift certificates are provided in disposable and can receive both new and existing subscribers.

Playstation Store (from January 26 to February 9)

In the Playstation Store, you can purchase a product that combines 862 ps4, PS5 games and additional content. The maximum discount rate is 80%. In the center of the proprietary title, the Ghost of Tsushima Director Cut is 31%, and the Spiderman Miles Morales is 30%, the Demons Soul is 43%, the Last of Earth Part 2 is 67%, and the Gad of War is 55%, Blood 60% discount. In addition to this, Call of Duty: Vanguard, Assassin Creed: Balhal, Tales of Achieve, etc.

Among the products sold this time, there are individual titles, but there are also a number of additional content, including a premium edition, including additional content, bundled, paid DLC, including multiple games. Because you can sort the goods according to the type you want on the PlayStation Store official page, you can use it easier to find the desired product.

MS Game Store (from January 24 to February 2)

In the MS Games Store, discounts the game 700 species to sell and sells the maximum discount rate of 90%. Especially, Halo Infinite (campaign), which was released in December last year, is 20% discount on DESONN 2, 80% of Disaonne 2, 75% of the Sira, 75%, Elder Scroll 5: Skyrim is 67%, Gears 5 60%, Fortza Horizon 5 is 10% discount. In addition, multiple titles such as Dead Isleend, Dayers X, Metal Gear Solid 5, and Evil Widdine can be purchased at a lower price of 80% or more.

In addition, XBOX is operating a subscription service that can enjoy the desired game in lineup and enjoy a subscription service. Unfortunately, the game path subscription fee is not a discount on New Year’s Day, but the game pass for the PC is in progress on the first month of joining the first month. Through this, it is a good choice to purchase cheap if you play a different title after playing a different title with a PC game path.

07-D, Chain Discount
Nintendo Online Store (from January 28 to February 10)

In the Nintendo Online Store, New Year’s sale, but there is not many items in Korea. A total of 9 species, New Super Mari Obradas U Deluxe is sold for 30% discounted, 30% discounted, Mitotepia is 20%, 30% of fitness boxing 2, 30%, 51/12%, 30%, Laton Mystery Zoney: The conspiracy of the loan of the Loh Moo-myeon DX is 30%, the burning rice cake on the burning rice cake that calls the typhoon! 30%, the Sonic Mania is 80%, and the Legend of Sonic Mania is 50% off.