New free games in the Epic Games Store also 2022? Epic speaks plain text

Can you also count in 2022 with free games in the Epic Games Store? This and other exciting plans reveal EPIC now.

Epic Games announces plans for 2022

Steam, the most famous game platform for the PC to offer the forehead is not easy. Epic Games but still manifests it somehow, to grow further. Among other things, this success is likely to be on the free games , which the Store offers weekly.

Now the company concretely expresses whether the games give away will continue in 2022. After all, in the past year, there was all 98 free games worth more than 2,000 euros. Now Epic Games gives a clear answer: Yes, there will continue to give weekly free games.

But that’s not all. The company wants to deliver some new features in 2022. In the future, for example, you should pack outstanding downloads in the queue and sort it for priority . In general, there should be more filters and options so that you can better arrange your play library. Even without the Launcher you should be able to see these in the future.

Other community features are still out of, such as surveys and reviews. And of course it will give many new games this year, the Epic Games has already confirmed for the platform. Including: Forings, Dying Light 2, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, Sifu and many more. (Source: Epic Games)

Epic says thank you!

Of course, in a good year of annual review, it is not only about what’s coming, but also about the successes of the past year. In this posts segment, Epic Games thanks all users who used the service in 2021 and Once again, how successfully the platform was the year.

A growing play library

The Epic Games Store now houses 917 games. These are almost twice as many as 2020.

More users than ever

There are more than 194 million EPIC users – this is 34 million more than in the previous year. In December, the number of monthly users was proud 62 million, while in 2020 it was still 56 million.

You have diligent healthy

Tidy Cash was of course made and output. Over 754 million euros, you have translated the year over Epic. That’s 20 percent more than in the previous year.

_EPIC Games has 917 games on offer. Unfortunately, the following games will never count: _

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