Riot disqualifies T1 for breaking the rules in a valorant tournament

Tarik Talks About T1 Disqualified - Reads Riot Competitive Rules

Nobody likes cheats, and less when it comes to professional competences. Riot Games , authors of League of Legends and Valorant , have been very strict when it comes to breaking the rules, so today they declined to disqualify a professional team of esports For not respecting the official guideline of a Tournament of _ Valorant _ _. We are talking about t1 , a team of esports recognized worldwide, who were recently disqualified from a tournament of valorant for breaking the rules. The news was shared by Riot Games through official networks. What exactly did the people of t1 did? It happens that they broke a rule that prohibits team coaches to talk with players during the games, unless a technical pause has been requested. This happened during his departure against tsm , and after an official investigation, Riot declined to disqualify them from the ** VCT Open Qualifier One. *