“RISK OF RAIN 2” STEAM version Expansion content “Survivors of the void” to March 2 delivery. A single shot kill Sniper Railgunner

Developer’s Hopoo Games announced on February 1st, “Survivors of the Void” of PC version “ RISK OF RAIN 2 ” to deliver to March 1. As long as the Steam store page is checked, Japan will be delivered on March 2 for the convenience of time difference. In addition, we introduce the new survivor ‘RAILGUNNER’.

“RISK OF RAIN 2” is an action game with a Rogue Like element released in 2020. The player aims to return the teleport while defeating the monster as a survivor who woors unknown planets. In the way, it is possible to acquire various buffs and items that can be obtained. The more you possess, the more you can overwhelm the effect, and will extend the battle with the enemy that increases the intensity while strengthening your own character.

A newly appeared Survivor RailGunner is a character equipped with a railgun wrap weapon as its name. Since the successor of SNIPER in the primary “RISK OF RAIN”, it is longer to damage the enemy individual from long distances. One of the available availability is M99 Sniper. Launch long distance scope and visualize enemy weaknesses. For example, if it is a stone golem, his head is highlighted and 1000% damage can be given with a rail gun.

Also, RailGunner’s attack does not result in random critical, as a difference from other survivers. Instead, you can surely create critical damage by shooting highlighted weaknesses. In addition, when the item acquiring the critical rate is acquired, the critical damage amount is improved instead.

After shooting, the RailGunner’s M99 SNIPER mode displays the Active Reload bar. In the case of skill check, if you reload it where the scale of the bar comes to a predetermined position, the next shooting can be faster and you can add 500% of damage. It is important to repeat the cycle of aiming, shooting and reloading well.

Another ability is XQR Smart Round System. While RailGunner does not use scope, the rail gun does not shoot high-speed shooting and gives the enemy 100% damage. This is effective when cleaning the enemy that is close to the short distance. It will be useful to pursue the enemy who could not be killed by the rail gun.

Another ability of one ability is an ability called CONCUSSION DEVICE, comparable to the dynamics of the loader. Concussion Device is the ability to install objects that skip the touch largely. By using it at its own feet well, it is possible to jump upwards. It can jump to a remote terrain or use it for emergency saving from dangerous situations. In addition, it is also possible to activate knockback effects if it is applied to the enemy.

And the special ability is supercharge. By overloading the rail gun, it is possible to give 4000% damage and 150% weakness damage. In some cases, the boss can be done with a blow. However, if used for 5 seconds, rail gun-related abilities will be disabled. Let’s avoid danger well using ConcusSion Device. Supercharge can attack a wide range, so it can be used to further enemia. Besides being introduced here, another ability to be banned on the condition is also provided.

“Survivors of the void” scheduled to be released on March 2, Japan for the PC version “RISK OF RAIN 2”. The price is $ 15, and it will be about 1650 yen in Japan. At the time of release, it is discounted for a limited time and it will be $ 9.75 (approximately 1072 yen).