Windbound is already free at Epic Games Store; Brothers: Tale of Two Sons next week

One more week, Epic Games Store offers a free videogame free videogame part of its usual promotion. So much so, that this week’s protagonist title with Windbound is already available, an adventure with a marked survival slope by 5 Lives Studios and Deep Silver. In addition, the Epic Games platform hfree videogame confirmed the title that will be available at zero cost next week, which is not another than the acclaimed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons of Starbreeze Studios and 505 Games.

Free weekly games in Epic Games Store

Thus, all that Epic Games Store user who wants to get Windbound can already add the title to his digital library without spending a penny, yes, at most next Thursday, February 17 at 5:00 p.m. (At the peninsular time), moment from which you will become part of the promotion the next title already announced. Once added the game to our account we can always install it that we want without any payment or subscription.

“Windbound: Brave The Storm part of an intelligent idea: a game of clfree videogamesical but affordable survival, in an archipelago de islands, with a captivating audiovisual beauty and with a certain space for creativity,” we said in our analysis of the available title right now Free for free at Epic Games Store.

Windbound is FREE | Epic Games Store
On the other hand, it hfree videogame been confirmed that the following video game that will be available fully at Epic Games Store from next Thursday will be held Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons , one of the first works of now known Director Josef Fares In which two brothers have to collaborate to survive the challenges of a fantfree videogametic world attraction. “An ephemeral alternative, but alternative to the end of the usual playable proposals of FPS or action that appeals directly to the user to convert it into the link that unites both brothers,” we said in our analysis.