Games News Podcast 702: Rainbow Six: Extraction, Expedition: Rome, New Games

Why is Expedition: Rome a better game than Rainbow Six: Extractions? We and many other questions we go in the Games currently Podcast 702 on the ground. Host Matthias has been invited to the Toni and the Michi in the virtual tone cabin of our little video game at this week. Both guests have been dealing with Rainbow Six: Extractions in the last few weeks and the main tester Toni explains why the PVE coop shooter is not really a bad game, but still not finished in many places. Then Matthias kidnapped to the Ancient Rome, where he had to defend the honor of the Roman Empire with a hero. Our host explains what expeditions: Rome makes to a successful role-playing game and which classic gameplay virtues use the developers. Furthermore, the round is briefly discussed a series of newly announced games this week. These are new Star-Wars titles and Crysis 4. The whole thing is rounded off as always with your community contributions.

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Rainbow Six Extraction: 30 Minutes of Gameplay

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Topics of the GA podcast episode 702: ****

00:00:00 – Intro and in your own thing
00:05:25 – Rainbow Six: Extractions
00:34:15 – Expeditions: Rome
00:59:17 – New game announcements
01:21:35 – Community Posts

Expedition: Order Rome now at Amazon: http: //www.Extractions/podcast-rome

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