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GTA Online: How to Get FREE Sweatshirt Nagasaki White

It is time to renew your costumes in GTA Online, especially during the next few days, since Rockstar has wanted Give the Nagasaki White Sweatshirt To all users, so you only have to continue reading the following guide in which you Let’s tell how to get it for free.

How to get the white Nagasaki sweatshirt for free

This sweatshirt in question was already offered for free a few months ago and at that moment the way to get it was as easy as connecting to the GTA V Multiplayer. On the other hand, for this occasion it has wanted to ask for a different requirement .

Basically your goal will be to offer a service as partners or escorts to the executives of the evil of the saints, although you can also join a biker club like recruits **. With any of these actions it will be enough for you to receive the white Nagasaki sweatshirt for free.

So you can show your loyalty to this brand and step go well sheltered , that winter is getting very hard and better not to go cold. And if you need something else, in this other guide we tell you how to get the Karin Prevention car.

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