In the situation where an unrelated original work is temporarily deleted by an incorrect DMCA application by Liat Games

Ukraine’s Freelance Artists Kutty Sark’s works have been remembered by DMCA application, DMCA application has deleted from the sales site, and the application of Liat Games, which applied for apology.

The origin of the thing is that Kutty Sark has been deleted for DMCA application by Liat Games, “Arcane Flames-Al’Vis”, which was exhibited on Teepublic, which is a sales site such as an original T-shirt. Kutty Sark is based on the original image that has been published in 2018, and the character drawn is the original comic “Arcane Flames” that you can work themselves I argued that the intellectual property should be relatively related.

However, Teepublic side answers that it can not be removed because it is based on DMCA application by Liat Games. The situation that is a great company that is a large company’s Liat Games, and it will not be the other party, and it will not be the other party, and the situation is currently placed from the feeling that it will be a scraping thread. It has been explained in

This tweet is retweeted or more retweeted, and its effect has also been about 6 hours after tweets, and the Liat Games Official (@riotgames) announced a statement. In this statement, Liat Games Describes that the problem of problems caused by multiple teams and third party agencies are involved in managing intellectual property. On the other hand, I apologized for the fact that this DMCA application is an error.

After that, we will talk about Liat Games and Kutty Sark, “Arcane Flames-Al’Vis” is ready to buy again on Teepublic. KUTTY SARK thanks to a large number of assistance, and he wanted to want to be able to recognize the problem with the problem that the smaller creator faces the problem.

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Overseas Media PC Gamer is the title of the “League of Legend” anime series published in November 2021, which was published in November 2021, and also included in Kutty Sark’s work name It is guessed that it is mechanically compatible with the word “Arcane”.