Madden fans react to the informed retreat of Tom Brady

This afternoon, reports that indicate that Tom Brady emerged, who is one of the best field marshals in the NFL history, would soon withdraw. The news (which is something in dispute at this time) was received with a mixture of emotions from many NFL fanatics. While some were happy to know that the seven-time Super Bowl champion would finally leave the game, others became sad to see the end of an era. Among those who shared his thoughts on Brady leaving behind the NFL today were Madden’s fans, who also reflected on the impact of him in the beloved series of football video game over the years.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing that several Madden fans mentioned today in relation to Brady’s retreat is how long he has been playing. Brady’s career lasted 22 years in total, which means that he has been present in the series from madden 2001. In fact, Brady is still the last active player of the NFL who last participated in a Madden game that was launched on a cartridge.

Others mentioned how awesome, Brady’s trip has been in Madden, as well as his own career. When Brady appeared for the first time in the videogame, he obtained a general miserable rating of 51. Since then, he has appeared on the cover of two different deliveries of Madden and has even seen his ranking up to 99 in general. In fact, Brady’s most recent appearance on Madden’s cover occurred last season with madden NFL 22. Then, even if this is the end of him, he somehow, he will definitely be at the top.

Are you someone who saddened that Brady probably will no longer be at Madden from the entrance of this year? Let me know your own reaction to this news in the comments or on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

If you want to see the reactions that some Madden fans have had regarding Brady’s retirement, be sure to keep reading below.

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