Unfair: Popular Pokemon is bullied by developers

What started with 150 Pokémon has now arrived at around 900 monsters. Some regularly makes the community funny. Granted, some see really questionable and behave like that. At Carpador, however, the developers share properly.

Pokémon: Developer Mobben Carpador

Yes, Carpador may not have the best values ​​and his attacks are weak, but at least the pocket monster has been there. He has not only accompanied numerous trainers faithfully, but with his attack “Platscher” already provided for one or the other smile. Nonetheless, the entries in the Pokédex are very negative and that with almost every game .

This, for example, recently noted Reddit user Theleeman14, who has collected the entries. He finds that they are “unnecessary brutal” .

Pokémon: Why is Carpador made bad?

THE FINAL CLIMB!! | Pokemon Legends Arceus (Episode 21)

It started with “Pokémon Blue” and “red” and runs through to the recently published game “Pokémon legends: Arceus”. To read are descriptions like:

“A inferior, miserable Pokémon.”

“It is virtually worthless, both the power as well as what the speed is concerned. It is the weakest and miserable Pokémon in the world. “

“A weak, regretful weak head of a Pokémon, which is still very resistant.”

Yes, these descriptions are really mean. But why are the developers so negative? A reader has a theory :

“I think that the intentional irony could be, as Garados entries suggest that it’s all over forcibly rushing around with uncontrollable rage. After being despised for a lifetime, the evolving Garados revolts in everything it surrounds. “

In fact, this even makes sense, which also see others from the community so – his bad reputation will never get rid of carpador.

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