Be careful not to stumble on Death Stranding who spoils leaks on the internet

Last update there is November 11, 2019

The highly anticipated game, Death Stranding of Hideo Kojima, fast approaching. The hype surrounding this game could not become bigger. The mysterious atmosphere unobstructed by the game in its trailers has captivated the public like anywhere else. The fans are obviously excited, but some are a little impatient. Rumors have surfaced that important Death Stranding spoilers have circulated on the Internet.

Although spoilers are not new, it is not very common that they occur before the game launch. This has been the case for other large-scale broadcasts and films. In the case of Game of Thrones, for example, the last season was disclosed weekly before its broadcast. While much thought that it was a big job for trolls, leaks proved (unfortunately) correct.

Death Stranding : Donner du Sens à la Marche | Game Next Door

Now that we live in a world so strongly connected via smartphones and internet, it is now easier than ever to disclose information or search for information that would have been impossible to recover.

Death Stranding is only a week of liberation. So you will not have to wait long. In the meantime, make sure to be very careful when you sail on social media or sites likely to ruin history. The divulged story could be totally made, but why take the risk?

So, if you are tempted to scroll down to take a look at some YouTube comments. Do not do it.

Death Stranding will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One from November 1, 2019.