Charlie Cox talks about her cameo in No Way Home

The return of Charlie Cox as DAREDEVIL at Spider-Man: No Way Home It was definitely one of the greatest surprises of the film, even if months before it was rumored. We know that the actor will continue to play this hero within the MCU , and now that several weeks have passed since the premiere of this feature film, COX has spoken about how it was to return to paper.

Charlie Cox talks MCU secrets & sharing with Andrew Garfield | Spider-Man: No Way Home
As part of a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cox said that filming that scene for not WAY HOME was an extremely emotional moment, and something truly important for the character of him within this cinematographic universe:

“It’s a great moment, not only for me, but for the character. I felt a real feeling of responsibility. If that scene works, good, if it seems that it fits, then the sky is the limit. And it would be great for me, naturally, but it would also be great for Matt. I feel very attached to him, even if that sounds like something weird. “

Jon Watts, Director of No Way Home, wanted the scene with Daredevil I had a few seconds of silence because I would know that the audience would react to his presence, and according to COX , several friends and family who saw the premiere film confirmed this.

Editor’s Note : It was a great moment to see Daredevil back, even if they have only been a few minutes. Now we will see if the character series returns in Disney +, or if Maybe Marvel executives prefer to give him his own solo movie.