Metarama, Platform Platform Metarama Tinking Page Open

Neowiz shows a new block chain platform through subsidiaries.

Neowiz (joint representative door, Kim Seung-cheol) said that the subsidiary metalama (representative immigration) was blocked 14 days for the tsing page of the platform “Metarama”.

DOUBLE​ MS​ GENIUS​ PLATFORM​ LLC.​Eng.Ver. by​ Rhabeeyha Karim&​Mr.​Chris Ittidechachot(Moderator)​

The core vision of the metamarma platform is the ecosystem activation, which is a block body that combines the establishment of a second (alternative to be an alternative to be a replacement price) and a high-quality game based on 2.0-based governance. NFT 2.0 has a wider utilization range and scalability than the current NFT. To this end, Metraama cooperates with multiple content companies for NFTs to be utilized in a variety of ecosystems, and is a policy to seek platform growth and ecosystem development, such as decisions through the governance of NFT holder.

Self-token also issues. It is scheduled to build an independent token economy and expand the value of the ecosystem, while continuing to expand various services, including the game, while continuously expanding the financial structure to the platform participants.

The metamarma platform is officially open in the first half. The P & E (Play-Anion) game in which metamasa is being developed by the NFT issuance, turns on the “Siege Royale) and ‘Ani-Fi Land’. ‘Shizroloya’ is developing as Unreal 5 aimed at the launch of the 4Q09 as the Battle Royal Game of Medieval Background. Today, Matarama Tinking page My game video was released together.

Metarama is scheduled to inform out specific content through white paper during March.

Meanwhile, metamarama has been prepared to transition to a professional developer in the casual game in casual games since 2021. P & E game development is also being used to develop P & E game with the preparation of the platform, which is optimized for the game. In the future, it is in progress with a large-scale recruitment for this.