Nintendo is not yet ready for metaverse

During the Board of Investors by the closing of the last fiscal quarter, SHUTARO FURUKAWA, President of Nintendo , showed interest in metaverse. However, in recent statements, it has been mentioned that this concept will not be implemented at the moment , since a way of integrating it to the philosophy is not found by which the Japanese company is known.

In a question and answer session, Furukawa once again had the opportunity to talk about Nintendo’s plans concerning the metaverse. It was here where it was mentioned that at the moment there are no concrete intentions, because they do not know how to implement that virtual world with the “fresh surprises and fun” of the company . This was what was said:

“The metaverse has captured the attention of many companies around the world and has great potential. At this time, there is no easy way to specifically define what kind of surprises and fun can offer metaverse to our consumers. As a company that offers entertainment, our main emphasis is on ways to offer fresh surprises and fun to our consumers.

We could consider something if we can find a way to transmit a ‘Nintendo’ approach to the metaverse that many people can easily understand, but we do not believe that this is the situation at this time. “

The Metaverse JUST Got Cancelled

Although it seems that Nintendo will not have something to do with the metaverse for the time being, once the company discovers a way to relate this world with its products, the address could well change . We only have to wait and see what are the plans of the great in the future.

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Editor’s note:

Although the metaverse can present a new and interesting market for companies, at the moment there are no success cases that make it clear that video game experiences can be effectively transferred to this virtual world.