Bethesda and Tango Gameworks announce the Game Mobile Hero Dice

Although still presented at the slightest opportunity as “Shinji mikami studio”, Tango Gameworks does not intend to limit themselves to action and horror games. While Ghostwire: Tokyo is expected next month, the studio performs a surprise ad with Hero Dice, a colorful board game for the smartphone public.

For the moment announced only in Japan by Bethesda for an output in the spring 2022, Hero Dice is a free-to-play presented as a dice-based tray set (for the chance factor) and cards (for the Strategy Factor), the goal is moving and combating its hero. The more the hero exceeds an ally on the tray, the more he wins power to eliminate the enemies. In addition to the special skills specific to each character, the cards are there to reverse delicate situations, knowing that the cards can be improved in the same way as the heroes, which of course pass by a minimum of luck to the invocations (and thus to Gatcha). It remains the opportunity to associate up to four players to benefit from the support cards of its partners and get rid of the most powerful enemies.

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Hero Dice – Trailer