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【RESTAR LIMITED】 Todays official release! A new RPG around the world of magnificent Sankyhai “Sankai-Maikais world looking around the world of mythology ~” CM image character is Mr. Morikawa!

World Of Rest: Online RPG Gameplay Обзор Первый взгляд Летсплей (Android,APK,iOS)

Restar Games RPG for smartphones RPG “Sankai-Mythic world looking around the world of mythology” was reported that it was officially released on February 16, 2022.

Restar Games News for new works for smartphones “Sayakai-Mythology worldwide worldwide Kaleidoscope ~” was officially released on February 16, 2022.

# Morikawa Aoi is a CM character “Sankai” TVCM finally starts broadcasting today!

In the CM character of “Sankai” where fantastic world viewing spreads, I offered an actress Morikawa Sakai. Morikawa’s figure that looks at the planning of the “Sankai” developed person who looks difficult to see is the eyes of the “Sankai” development personnel, and by all means, we will challenge this work, and this world’s view If you look at it, the thought of the offer was on the background of the offer.

During CM shooting, the speed of understanding of this work and the speed of adaptation to operability was found, and the staff in the field was also surprisingly surprising.

“Yamai” CM, who appeared in such a Morikawa, is a video that is truly attractive in this work, as it is truly enthusiastic.

In the future, we plan to disseminate content to introduce the attraction of “Sankai” on each platform including Twitter, official website, press release, so please wait for downloading!

Download “Sankai” can be done from each app store.
For more information on this work, please visit the official site and each app store.

# Magnificent big adventure RPG “Saya-Saya-Mythology World Peeking Area Kaleidoscope ~ “-

Restar Games RPG for new smartphones given by Restar Games, with the motif of the illusionary worldview of the historical beautiful book “Yamami” written 8000 years ago from now. In addition to a wealth of fostering systems and fulfillment experiences, it takes aflomer with familiar monsters and legendary beasts to leave to unknown adventure around the magnificent story. Please feel the world of Sankai’s world waiting for you.

# “Sayakai to Mythic World Peeking Area Kaleidoscope-“

Official Site: Official Twitter: Official BBS: Genre: MMORPG Price: Basic Play Free (Some Item Charge) System IOS Recommended Environment: iPhone 6s or higher, iPad 2017 or higher, iOS 9 or higher Recommended Environment: Android 4.3 or higher, CPU (Qualcomm Snapdragon) 800 or more, Memory 3GB or more (C) RESTAR GAMES