The best games that were transferred from the PS4 to the PS5

Fans of the PlayStation 5 have long been waiting to get the console in the hands. Now that she is there, it’s time for the games to start. With the games it is not that the old one and the new must be in.

Although some games are left behind on the PS4, some games were upgraded and can be played on the PS5. Sony has taken care to take the best games and integrate into the new console.

Some games were simply integrated into the PS5 because they were hard to beat how some table games in Casinorapid, the skill and applied strategy require. Therefore, it was useful to maintain these games, because the players wanted to have the opportunity to follow the interesting characters they had met and help them achieve their goal.

The top games that have been updated requires skill and strategy to be defeated. Overall, they are fun and are fantastic to play.

PS4 games that you can play on your PS5

PlayStation fans are always looking forward to new experiences with fantastic games. You do not have to buy new games to play them on the PS5. All you need is a Game Boost in which the original disc is inserted into your console, or just download the digital game.

Once it started, you can just play it on your console. If the Game Boost method does not work for you, you can buy the updated version where you benefit from improved charging time. Let’s take a look at the games that you have to pay attention to updated by the PS4 to your newly acquired PS5.

Ghost of Tsushima

The upgrade of this game made it possible for it to be downloaded much faster. The island can now be loaded within seconds. These are exciting news for fans of this incredible game. On the PS5, the speed is amazing what makes this game even more pleasant. Who would have thought that players can experience the clink of steel with 60fps? Now where your fighting skills have been improved, you will have a breathtaking experience with this game. Fortunately for the players, the Director’s Cut published, which enables renewed playability.

God of War

Most players hold God of War for the best game ever made. As maybe ask yourself why it is not in first place. That’s because it’s fun to be indiscriminately, and that size does not fit for everyone.

This great game has always been great, even on the PS4. You can only imagine what the improved resolution of 60fps can mean for this game. The improved experience on the PS5 is incredible and makes playing a pleasure.

You will have the opportunity to seek Kratos, which is practically aged, to meet and get to know his spirited son Atrus. If you have a PS + membership, you can play the game for free in the PS Plus Collection. Embark on the journey to the mountains and discover more exciting adventures.

The Last of Us Part 2

It makes sense that this game is on the list, because it has seen the light of PS4 and the PS5. It was one of the games that the privilege had to say the PS4 Adieu. It is a breathtaking game that puts some of the PS5 games in the shade. The technical characteristics make it a game that most surpasses. Thanks to the 4K resolution you can accompany Abby and Ellie on your journey. The 60fps make this game even better on the PS5. Although it was great on the PS4, it’s time to upgrade and get better animations. This game is awakened on the PS5 to life.

Shadow of the colossus

Ok, we said God of was the best game of all time, we’ll take back. Shadow of the Colossus is an extraordinary game that deserves a mention and maybe a top spot in this list. It has been on the market since the days of the PS2 and we can understand why it has received generations of upgrades over the years. With a frame rate of 60 it runs incredibly well on the PS5. Follow the adventures of the nameless protagonist, the mountains offset only to save his virgin in need. With 60 pictures per second, you will receive a fantastic experience that you have never experienced.

no man’s sky

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No Man’s Sky had to take a heavy blow at his start, but has meanwhile clattered again and put the humiliation away. It is now considered one of the most played survival games. On the PS5 you get a high-resolution game with 60fps. This gameplay brings the strengths of the PS5 so beautifully.