One person and one name Combi welcomes the dark army! “Kingdom of the Dead” [Bakuple play repo]

The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only “I don’t know what kind of game!” And I am not a GAME * SPARK reader. Therefore, it will be “explosion play repo” that delivers the contents of the game of game as soon as possible.

This time, DIRIGOGAMES, which has been in the United States East Coast Main, has developed, HOOK became a publisher and the contents of raw content about “ Kingdom of the Dead ” released from Steam on February 11, 2022. I want to deliver.

# “Kingdom of the Dead” What is the Dead?

Sometimes the 19th century stage is the United States. Even though the war that lasted for many years has reached the end, the blood dyed in both segmented deaths has increased the power of the evil god “ Death “. Death has entered the power of “ GATE (Gate) ” that has been opened in each place from “ GATE (Gate) “, which has been sold out to the ground, and conquest and aggression of the world. Thus, the emergency of the ground world, which is attacked by the dark army, is an active part in the former war, and is active, and now the protagonist “ Chambaren” which is active as an agent of secret organization “ Gatekeeper “. It is entrusted to “….

This work to open the curtain with such a story is a horror theme FPS, which features an old school playfeel and level design reminiscent of the 90’s, and the visual of an impressive hand drawn touch. This work is compatible with Japanese , and it is sometimes suspicious, but it is basically possible without stress because the quality needed is secured.

Well, “The 19th Century America” ​​”War” “Maine” “General from Professor” “Chembaren”, if you have a good deal if you set it so far, isn’t it? Yes! It is the model of the main manager of the main character, that Joshua Chamberaren . In the second day of the Getissburg’s battle of Tetisburg in the North-South War, a clever gun sword from the inferior condition completed the Defense of the North Body Little Light Little Round Top, and the South Army Snowdown at Apoma Tox Courtyouse At the nearby meeting, he was familiar with the honorary medal (medal of the medal of the medal of ONer) after the war.

… When I started talking with this as a fully open, I will end the north-south war that Dr. Clark, who has been involved in the North-South War. Let’s advance to the content introduction of this work.

# Impressive but I’m anxious handwritten, and what is it?

First of all, it will be a unique handwritten touch that you want to touch. If the conclusion is described above, “ Some shorts are stressful, but developers seem to be treated as well as that point to be treated. “.

Hand-drawn touch, a very important factor in creating the atmosphere of this work, seemed not to interfere with play than the impressions held in the first look. In particular, except for some exceptions, the enemy was not able to not be confused in the landscape. The enemy’s skin is slightly oversized even with slight light, and it is likely to lift white, and most enemies are lighting at eyes, so even in the dark, even in the dark, even if you aim for It was possible to take a head shot.

From such a basic, the producer deviates to the game intentionally, as an exception that it takes a sudden drop and strikes from the sky, the Energy’s Energy and the light up in the indoor area of ​​stage 1.

As the enemy lifts from the landscape by a slight light source, it is not a leak from the example, but this monster bird is not light at the eye, and there is no light source on the ground. So the venture of the popping bird will focus completely in the darkness. Under such circumstances, even if you can grasp the existence with a cry, you can not confirm the appearance and it is often to receive damage. If you hear a sound, you will soon be hidden in a roof place or the durability of the monster bird is low for the size, so let’s blow the shotgun even if you hit it. If you do not defeat, you can cancel the attack motion if you damage it a little.

In the darkness, the lighting of the skin that stands out and the eye light that functions as the eye is swallowed by light in a bright place and disappears at all. And there are some light-up surprise points that would have been made using the specifications, and struggled in the first look. However, because it is a situation that exists only in a limited place, it was not possible to feel that “” was ““.

If you make a clearly stressful negative element, ** When the Gatling gun is fired in a closing location, it is a point that causes the flashing screen that is difficult to withstand by the muzzle flash. Because of that, I was to thoroughly play a playing that does not use a Gatling gun in the closure. Even if it is opened at the open place, it is somewhat coloring, but if you are firing in a closure, you may need to lightly back.

Because there is such a problem, it is strongly recommended that you start the “color” item of the setting screen immediately after the game starts when playing this work.

As long as I tried, “SEPIA” is particularly recommended to significantly reduce the burden on the eyes by Miled with the brightness of the dark gain. Almost all screenshots in this article are taken in “Standard” of the default settings.

# If you don’t have it, this battle will not start! Going a buddy! !

It is an element that was not touched at all even in the store page description, and it is an element that did not know until it actually played. Swords that the main character is carrying with key visuals. Moreover, it is a pretty good character, this guy. The biggest push point of this work is a buddy of this sword.

Of course this song sword… No, Buddy is just a bustling or explanatory line, but can be active in battle. In the early posting of the mission, it will help to save bullets, and when the gauge that accumulates every time the enemy defeats with a buddy, you can do a finger-fancy effect’s special attack **.

However, because it is not a game that requires severe ammunition management, it is not so on the other than the beginning, and it is honest that it will be a decoration. Every time the mission progresses, it was a very disappointing point that the presence of the partner’s presence as a weapon was getting smaller.

# How to drive back to hell? A gun with a gun pulling out!

This work is only for the Old School, and it will be found everywhere. Starting with the choice of each independent mission, take a large amount of weapon ammunition, which starts from the one-key buddy, which starts from the one-key buddy, the 7 keys 19th century rocket launcher , and the physical strength is not automatic recovery. Picking up the recovery item ** Method, if you get used to it, you can create a lot of speed that shot the enemy while jumping up with a splint.

Each stage has a variety of locations, such as a graveyard, a factory, a clock tower, and a battlefield trace. And it is a game of only the nighttime stage, but it is composed of good things that players don’t get lost. The fine division and deactivation is that, If you look at the marker for the checkpoint to the checkpoint, it was not a situation where the road was lost and it was not possible to get lost. After that, it is good to hang with the buddy before each stage start, Buddy cute **.

A battle with enemies in this work is made as assumptions to aim at one shot with a head shot. Scientific and lever action royal and liver action rifles are ¥ 11 for the ripple of the head shot Action will be rotated and rotated with a gun, and it is necessary to save time and effort to confirm the success or failure of shooting during long distance sniper. It is. What is happy with this specification, lever action rifle is a spin cock action . Even if there is a power that can kill Zako by shooting the torso, you will want to aim at your head.

If you are equipped with a gun, if you defeat the bullet, zombies will appear in a large number of stages as the main cousin. Besides, various strong enemies such as zombie dogs, monster birds, sorcerers, Cakodemons (19th century America) , Mankuvas (19th Century American Starts) , with zombies I will attack and attack. There are various measures to handle them, but basically the mix is ​​shining, so it will be a target gun.

The master worm that will fight many times in the early stages, as an exception, various bosses are waiting for the Cemberaren and the buddy for each stage. There is no much tough gimmick, but about half of the bosses are the death holding, or be careful with the route and scaffolds, and the number of situations that fight around always runs around, and it remains worse and worse. rice field.

Then, after defeating the boss, close the gate by destroying the cursed skull using a pierdream and clear the mission! There is a basic structure of each stage.

Kingdom Come Deliverance - 4 Years Later

in conclusion

This work is very impressive, but the pros and cons of the prosecutors that were born because of the prosecutor’s disadvantages are considered to be largely divided by people. The content as a shooter is compactly compactly compact, and the level design designed from the concept can be said to be a good feeling. If you would like to have a sad place, it may not be possible to talk about the attractiveness of the buddy and the attractiveness of the buddy while avoiding the story of the story of the story.

The eyes of the Gattring gun who baked Gatling guns are so dazzling, and it is the attractive character that is baked in his eyes and the appearance of himself, and the day when it comes to him someday While looking forward to it. First of all, we will report the case that you can destroy the cursed skull with the gun sword, and then report the bug that swings the existence value of the buddy in the game will be immediately corrected.