GENSHIN IMPACT 2.6 – leaks, repetitions, events, new location and everything we know at the moment

The GENSHIN Impact Developer Team continues to expand Teivat with new areas, characters, exciting events and stories, one update after another. Although version 2.5 just came out, in the upcoming update version 2.6 there is a lot of interesting things, and it is expected that it will be huge!

Check out this compilation of the unexpected content, which is expected to appear in the next update. But remember: Treat leaks with distrust and know that changes between the beta server and the actual release are not uncommon .

Many thanks to Ubatcha, Hamin_intel, WFP, Honey Impact, Celestile Project GENSHIN IMPACT Community for providing information.

Release date GENSHIN IMPACT 2.6

Update GENSHIN IMPACT version 2.6 is scheduled for March 30-2022. This can be changed, but corresponds to a game attempt to deploy a sequential six-week update period.

This is our pre-road map of when updates must be released. All that after version 2.6 is purely guessed. Based on a six-week schedule of play updates, since Mihoyo has not released a new roadmap.

  • Update version 2.6 – scheduled for March 30, 2022 and will last until May 11, 2022.
  • version 2.7 update – scheduled for May 11, 2022 and will last until June 22, 2022.
  • Update version 2.8 – scheduled for June 22, 2022 and will last until August 3, 2022.


New characters

Kamisato Ayato – five-star hydro sword

Genshin Impact has confirmed that Kamisato Ayato, the head of the commission Yashiro and the elder brother Kamizato Ayaki, will be released in version 2.6. It is a five-star user of a hydro sword, which can create images of itself, similar to twins, with the help of its elemental skill and fields of hydro colors using its explosion. Placing his banner and the four stars accompanying it are currently unknown, but some suggest that he can take the first half.

yelan – five star hydrolyt

The in-game model Elan was collected together with beta-files version 2.6, but is not currently known whether it is released for testing. As a result, information circulating around it is extremely unreliable. Liquors believe that it can be a five-star user Hydro Bow and that it can appear in a later update – most likely in version 2.7.

leaks suspicious character after version 2.6

Some leaders suggested that version 2.7 may contain the last batch of new five-star characters before 3.0, and 2.8 is devoted to becoming a complete repeated patch. However, a few months before the release of these updates, information may well change in the near future.

Speculative characters that may appear before (or after) the Sumeru update includes:

  • Nile – a character with the physique “Girl” (analogue of Hu Tao, Yanfay, Cacin). Her name suggests that it can be a chapeer character.
  • Cookies Synobu – daughter of the family of the Priests, who decided to live in their own will. She is a member of the Arataka gang and boasts the formation of Liue. It is assumed that she will receive four stars and can come out with Elan in version 2.7.
  • Schikanoin Hazou – Detective from Inadzuma, working for the commission Yashiro. It is assumed that it will be a four-star character and can be released in version 2.8 as the last character at the moment the character of Inadzum.

New weapon

See below for new weapons, which is expected to appear in version 2.6. Keep in mind that it was not confirmed, so do not consider the final information.

Hran Tsukisiro Futs

  • A five-star sword, which visually corresponds to Kamisato Ayato and is expected to become its best weapon in the slot.
  • Attack: 46-608
  • Proteate: Critical impact chance (7.2-33.1 percent)
    Passive: The owner receives 15/12 / 18/24 / 24 Bonus to the damage from all elements. When the usual attack of another member of a group located nearby, strikes opponents, a character armed with this weapon receives one hundred Wavespike. Maximum five stacks. This effect can be triggered every 0.3 seconds. When a character, equipped with this weapon, uses the skill of the elements, all attacks of the wave spike will be absorbed to obtain a tearing coup. Each absorbed stak WaveSpike increases damage from ordinary attacks per percent for eight seconds.

new main tasks

Liqueurs found two major quest that may appear in version 2.6.

  • Scene quest Kamisato Ayato Chapter Cypressus Custos: Act I
  • Quest of Unknown Archon which may include Dainsleaf

new sets of artifacts

Related information about new sets of artifacts that will appear in version 2.6. It is assumed that they can be farm in the domains of artifacts located in the abyss. Moreover, leaks suggest that they can replace the “gladiator final” and the “troupe of a wanderer” in Domain Reliquarian: Level II Awards from spiral abyss.

vermillion in the future

  • Two pieces: Attack +18 percent
  • four-piece: After using Elemental Burst, the owner will receive the “nascent light” effect, which increases its attack for eight percent for 16 seconds. When HP character decreases, its attack increases another 10 percent. This may happen to a maximum of four times, and the effect can be triggered every 0.8 seconds. The emerging light dissipates when the owner leaves the field. If Elemental Burst is used again during the action of the emerging light, the initial nascent light will be scattered.

echoes offer

  • Two pieces: Attack +18 percent
  • four-piece: When ordinary attacks hit opponents, there is a 36 percent chance that it activates the rite of the valley, which increases damage from ordinary attacks by 70 percent of the attack. This effect is dissipated in 0.05 seconds after the usual attack causes damage. If the usual attack does not activate the rite of the woofers, the likelihood that it will work the next time will increase by 20 percent. This can occur every 0.2 seconds.

New location: abyss

It is confirmed that The Chasm will be released in version 2.6. While Hoyoverse has gave several convincing hints during direct broadcast version 2.5, the leaders have started more details that may appear in the next update.

  • The abyss may have two layers : one ground and one underground. Structural relations are similar to the island of Vatatsumi and Encanomy.
  • The abyss can have a new color of good, but it is expected that it will function similarly to the existing blue of good.
  • A new source of raw meat may appear, blue cuckit. It looks like a blue ferret with luminous legs. Friendly good luck beetle, which looks like a round flying beetle, can also appear throughout the region. Both are likely to be caught.
  • Recent leaks found inverted structure inside the abyss. In addition, Khanry is mentioned in the leakage of history, which may may be associated with an inverted structure (similar to the inverted statue of seven), but nothing concrete was published.

Lumenston adjuvant

Information about the fact that the Lumenstone adjuvant is a structure similar to Sacred Sakura. The feeding of his Lumenstone Ore and Lumenspar will increase its level and unlock research mechanisms, such as coverage of certain areas, marking the nearest collectibles, operations of mechanisms, etc. Some people who surrendered awards include the crown of insights and some acquaintance and prosperity of fate.

New enemies

General enemies

  • Knight of the Black Snake: Windsome – a large armored enemy taking a humanoid form.
  • Floating mold – small mushroom enemy.

World Boss: Ruined Snake

Hoyoverse confirmed the emergence of a ruin snake, which is expected to be a gigantic creature, similar to the root of the ruins. Leaks suggest that it can be a global boss.

New interface

  • Setting the brightness of the landscape is tested in beta-version 2.6, so it may appear in the game.
  • Turkish and Italian localizations may appear in version 2.6. This will affect only in-game text, but not on replicas.

New events

Vibrocrystalline studies

This event leaked to be similar to the recent event “Studying of Zeli”. There are six combat stages with two cameras in each. You can insert three trigger and effects (subject to change) and pre-selected trial characters that are well combined with appropriate buffs.

  • first stage: Ruben Songun, Vod
  • Second Stage: Yyimia, Kamizato Ayato
  • Third Stage: Yae, Rainden Sögun
  • Stage Fourth: Sangomy Kokomi, Caeidhara Kazuha
  • Stage Fifth: Arataki ITTO, Albedo
  • Stage Sixth: Mona, Kamizato Ayaka

Festival Irodori

A message The author U / ukrisreng in R / Genshin_impact_Leaks revealed the surrounding images of the Irodori festival, which allegedly becomes one of the largest events in version 2.6. Events taking place in Inadzum will take part in bright characters from all three countries: Albedo Caeidhara Kazuha, Kamizato Ayaka, Kamisato Ayato, Kleeu, Kudzo Sarah, V, Sinezia Yae Miko.

Participation Albedo and Sinezia may be associated with banners on the leaked images, which depict artworks in legend about the sword – a book written by Sinsey and illustrated albedo. The installation looks like an event on signing books, but nothing is confirmed. In addition, it is assumed that Sinyzia is for free award of a four-star character.

Earlier leaks also showed images of Raiden Shogun teddy toys for sale at the IRODORI festival, but it is unclear whether they will spread among the players. It is expected that the event will be concentrated around the following mini games :

  • Poetry
  • Defense Tower
  • Kendo
  • Iquiban (flower arrangement)

Photo Event

Information about the photo is leaked to the network, which may appear in version 2.6, but the details are not yet disclosed.

Culinary Event

Yelan 5★ BANNER LEAKED! + 2.7 Reruns REVEALED!! | Genshin Impact
Related information about the culinary event with the participation of Serenitea POT characters, which may appear in version 2.6, but the details are not yet disclosed.

Despite the fact that version 2.6 brings many unrest, do not forget that right now in the game there is a big event in version 2.5. Check out our manual on how to execute Three Realms Gateway: Aftermath Event Quest in Genshin Impact to take part.