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GTA Online: Legendary NPC burn the fuses

No NPC in GTA Online is bullied by the players like Felipe. The loveable park service of the casino is often harassed during work, beaten and sometimes shot. But now the honest worker has finally enough and takes revenge on one of his tormentors.

GTA Online: Park service expects peaners

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Is always friendly and helpful, but leads the hardest life in GTA online: Since the opening of the casinos it has become a tradition for the players to kill the valet parking before entering the gambling oil .

For a long time, the employee did not resist, but now a player has apparently spanned the bow. The reddit user ECAHILL453 LUD The roaster of the park service as clip in the forum high and cried a lot of enthusiasm.

When the user holds with his bus in front of the staff and shows him the middle finger, the Park Boy bursts the collar: immediately he enters the bus, enters the player, throws him out and then goes out .

SEIN New Year’s advancement was to terminate“, Reddit User Adonkus tries to explain the new behavior of the employee. Players celebrate the action of the NPCS and pity the most rigorous player.

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For a long time, the car service of the casino was finished in GTA online, now he has knocked down. So if you pass the next time at the casino, be careful. It could be that he repaid it with the same coin.