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Nintendo: Company hurts according to the foundation active video game history

Nintendo announced the recruitment of digital games sales at the Wii U and the various 3DS systems from March 2023 at the beginning of this week.

This measure results in that around 1000 purely digitally available games, some of which are exclusive to Wii U and 3DS, will no longer be available. Fans thus have no way to acquire the titles on a legal path in the future.

This process is now denounced by the video Game History Foundation. In a statement of the organization, which uses for the preservation of video games, it is said as follows:

“Although it is regrettable that people can not buy digital 3DS or Wii u games more, we understand the business reality that has been incorporated into this decision.”

“What we do not understand is what Nintendo introduces how his fans should play these games in the future.”

“As a paying member of the Entertainment Software Association, Nintendo actively finances lobbying, which even prevents libraries from granting legal access to these games.”

“It is understandable to grant a commercial access, but also to prevent institutional work to get these titles, is actively damaging for the history of video games.”

“We encourage ESA members like Nintendo to reconsider their position on this topic and work with existing institutions to find a solution.”

Video Game History Foundation Goes Off On Nintendo's Anti-Consumer Practices
Founder and co-director of the Foundation, Frank Cifaldi, also reported to Twitter’s word and recommended players affected in a now deleted tweet to chop their Nintendo systems to play backups secured in the future.