Announcement of the release date of XCOM CHIMERA SQUAD

This morning, Firaxis Games and 2K announced the release of the last Xcom series game, xcom: Chimera Squad. The game should go out on April 24th on Steam. Part of the exit was the announcement of the launch of the game with a reduced price of $ 10. The price will increase to $ 20 from May 1st. As part of the announcement, 2K said the new game is not an extension or a suite of _XCOM 2 but takes place five years after the previous match events.

The new game will propose the same gameplay in turn that we know and love with new twists. The game will focus on a team of 11 men based in a new location called City 31. The team, called Chimera Squad, is composed of human, foreign and human-foreign hybrid members who operate throughout the city to maintain peace. The gameplay has changed to focus on breach and clearance tactics rather than screening and prolonged combat observed in previous games. Each Squaddie, now called agents, has unique capabilities according to its statistics and species. The game will feature human agents and hybrids, sectoids, muts and vipers to use in a team.

At the beginning of each meeting, players will choose where their team enters an area and in what order the team moves. The new breach phase allows players to determine the strategy they will use for each meeting before hiring enemies. The unique capabilities of each team member can also change the break points available. After violating, the game goes to the tactical gameplay seen in the previous games with a much heavier accent on the close combat and the orders of travel. The agents and enemy units now alternate between moving rather than the entire role in turn. The players will have to keep a trace of the moment when every enemy and agent moves to plan accordingly.


The announcement and low price are new welcome with some quarantine still in many areas because of the coronavirus epidemic. New and veteran xcom players and fans can now add this game to the growing number of games to keep us occupied during self-isolation. The pre-purchase is already available on Steam at a price of $ 10.