The last DLC of Dying Light 2 is already completely available

Dying Light 2 - Free NEW DLC Items Out Now, But We Need To Talk About This....(Dying Light 2 Update)
Luxury dying 2 The players have been obtaining little by little DLC over time since the game was launched, and now, you can claim the last DLC in its entirety now that all its parts have been given. That DLC is the Ronin package, a set of equipment that was divided into three different parts, including two cosmetics and a weapon. Best of all is that the DLC is free, so everything you have to do to do it yours is to download it.

The complete downloadable content can be seen below, courtesy of the Twitter account of Dying Light games. The emphasis on the Tweet is in the Katana that was the third part of the DLC, but the attire shown there is the full aspect, including sports pants that are a little trimmed in that court.

If you are wondering how a DLC may be available in full instead of just going out, it is because Techland distributed this DLC and the last one in a slightly different way than what the players could have expected. It was given similarly to how you would get things in a live service game with the DLC segmented in three parts available on different days, but there were no challenges or any other requirement to obtain the equipment. All you have to do now that is available is to look for the Ronin Pack in your platform store and you will find the three pieces available as individual discharges. Add yourself to your collections, wait for any DLC that comes next and wait for it to launch similarly whenever available.

Meanwhile, you can continue playing _Luxury dying 2, _ and once you are over, you can cling to hope in a New Game + mode. Players have been asking developers about that kind of function so they can start again for another game without giving up all their resources, but developers have not yet implemented that function. However, they have said they expect it to happen soon.

In addition to the still relatively new Luxury dying 2, the series also transcends the means with the launch of a board game. It is right like this and it is called _Luxury dying: the board game, _ although no launch plans have yet been announced and the creators simply say it is in process.