Where to find a hidden history “Lesson learned from failures” in Lost Ark

The hidden history of the “lesson learned from failures” is a fast hidden story with three locations, which you can start and finish immediately after the entrance to Parnensky Forest in Northern Verne . It is also right on your way, so you can do it, quite easily passing the main story quest.

Location “lesson extracted from failures” in Lost Ark

This hidden history can be started, exploring the corpse on its path through entrance to the Parna Forest . The corpse is along the top wall of the map in this area, so just press on the wall, and you will chase it.

All North Vern Hidden Story Lost Ark

You will be appointed time when you go to second place, but there is no place to hurry. You have full time.

Your second goal requires you to retreate short paths. What seems (first) with a small white stone, on the second to investigate the location. However, during the study, the stone turns out to be a “corpse”. Yes.

You again check the time to search for a third place, but again, it does not matter. It’s very close.

Return at a short distance and squeeze to the upper wall. You will quickly find a small group of trolls around the bloody Mass. You will need to kill trolls and quickly explore the mess before they reapstant to get a loan on the third and last place in hidden history.

To get additional assistance in filling the foliant adventurerist, read the section “How to cook Fessor Mushrooms to Lost Ark” in the game manuals for professionals!