1. FC Cologne: Torjäger Modeste “No Ronaldo or Messi”

In the race for the Europapokal squares, the 1st FC Cologne has conceded a damper with the 1: 1-draw at Untertlicht Greuther Fürth. In principle, the Untertlichts tendency is still absolutely positive, emphasizes top-goal hunter Anthony Modeste.

With table spot eight and only four counters behind a Champions League Square, the Effezh is still excellent there, has gathered whopping 14 points more than last year at the same time.

The strong development is primarily a merit of head coach Steffen Baumgart, such as Cologne’s striker star Anthony modeste now emphasized: “We have almost the same team as last year. A coach but can decide everything and change everything. He has it Well done well and I think we will continue so until the end of the season. “

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Also, modests personally found under Baumgart back to his top form after he was already in Cologne as a run-up model.

“He gives me the trust. Every coach who gave me the trust, I have returned to me in the square. So it must be”, the 33-year-old emphasized the meaning of the Cologne coach, the modest so far in 23 the 24 season games installed.

1. FC Cologne: Anthony Modeste scored 42 percent of all goals

In the current Bundesliga season, the Frenchman has achieved 15 seasonal desks for the 1st FC Cologne. This means a share of 42 percent. No other Bundesliga player brings it to such a big share for his club – not even World Footballer Robert Lewandowski at FC Bayern.

“I know the statistics. But in the end I work for the team and the team for me. I’m not a Messi and no Ronaldo, but even the two need their teammates,” Modeste said to his outstanding performance certificate.

The attacker has an ongoing contract with the Cologne until the summer of 2023.