GTA Trilogy – The Definitive Edition: New Update brings more improvements

After the rather difficult start for the new GTA Trilogy , Rockstar Games and the Developer Team of Grove Street Games have published several updates for the collection in recent weeks , who have solved various problems. On Monday, the Next Patch was provided for the definitive edition of GTA Trilogy for download for all players.

What is the new update for the GTA Trilogy?

Available version 1.05 now for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC. The version for Nintendo Switch has received an update a few days ago. However, this implementation differs somewhat of those of the other platforms. If you want to read the patch notes of the new switch update, you will find them on the side of Rockstar Games. Official patch Notes for version 1.05 is not yet available for the moment – but should soon be submitted.

Player report first improvements through the update

In the last few hours fans have already tested the new version of the Trilogy and some optimizations found. Thus Claude in GTA 3 now has the original animation when turning around while walking. In addition, the final lights and brake lights are activated on the vehicles in Grand Theft Auto 3. In the case of San Andreas, a player reported that a mistake was fixed , who always brought the new edition to crash.

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From Dominik Zwingmann
28.02.2022 at 17:11