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Com2us, block chain video platform company Mob Tech Aes investment

Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee), announced on the 2nd, that the next-generation video platform and technology companies have been investing in MoVi Tech Aes (Movi Tech As: Mobies).

In recent years, Com2us, which is investing in a variety of blocks and NFT companies, has been involved as a seed investor of the ‘Mobies’ and expanded its partnership as a web 3.0-based global video platform.

‘Mobies’ establishes a platform’ Saga (SAGA), which allows anyone to easily create and easily create and play and easily create and play and collect and collect. Recently, the creative activities of the creators are facilitated, but it is difficult to create revenue through creative, and ‘Mobies’ is aiming to solve these problems through ‘Saga’. The main targets of ‘Saga’ are creators that require bidirectional tasks such as video and 3D animation makers, 3D artists, programmable content creators. As a next-generation bi-directional video platform that applies a block chain technology, it implements new forms of creations and NFTs, and at the same time to provide appropriate compensation for users, communities, and participants.

Com2us is scheduled to establish an evolutionary video platform technology and market research opportunities for Web 3.0 era, and will be used as an opportunity to expand the spectrum of new businesses such as block chains and metabuses.

Meanwhile, Com2us is currently being actively on the next generation digital paradigm leading to the next generation of game platform ‘C2X’, which is currently being deployed in the All-in-One Metabus Platform ‘Com2ealth’ and Group. In the second half of the year, ‘Office World’, a virtual office space of the ‘Comfortus’, and ‘Summer Nourn: Chronicle’, ‘Croenmatic Soc Wol: AFK Raid’, ‘Colossus M King’ It is a policy to capture the web 3.0 game market on the C2X platform.